Counterterrorism: 125 terrorists killed, 225 others arrested since January 2016

ALGIERS- A total of 125 terrorists were killed and 225 others were arrested by the forces of the People’s National Army since the beginning of 2016, as part of fight against terrorism, according to the toll published in the latest issue of El-Djeish magazine.

“The Algerian Army has continued, with determination and rigour, its mission, which was crowned by the elimination of many terrorists and criminals and the recovery of large quantities of weapons of war, munitions and other objects, in addition to the operations to strengthen border security and fight against smuggling,” said the magazine.

During those operations, the Army units recovered 668 Kalashnikov automatic rifles, 48 FMPK machine guns, 35 semiautomatic rifles with telescopic sight, 64 SIMONOV semiautomatic rifles, as well as 792 grenades, 73 homemade cannons, 320 homemade bombs, 2,556kg chemical products used to make explosives and destroyed 458 bunkers and hiding places for terrorists.

During the same period, seventeen 57mm rockets for helicopters, 338 rockets for RPG-7, 640 mortar shells of different calibres, 317 mortar fuses, 138 mortar cartridges, 10 explosive belts, 189,362 bullets of different calibres, 1,244 magazines, as well as 31kg of TNT, 735kg of explosive substances, 380.1kg of black powder, 653kg of dynamite and 50kg of ammonium nitrate were recovered.

In addition, 2,615 smugglers, 6,103 illegal migrants and 414 drug traffickers were arrested during the same period, while 110,951kg of cannabis resin and 1,839,827 litres of fuel were seized.

Source: Counterterrorism: 125 terrorists killed, 225 others arrested since January 2016


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