Algeria vows to better serving migrants

An Algerian migration official on Monday called for a balanced strategy that combines humanitarian and security challenges to deal with illegal immigration, state-run radio’s Channel III reported.

“Algeria will not make any concession when it comes to securing and protecting its borders as part of the fight against illegal immigration,” Channel III quoted Hassan Kacimi, director of Migration Operations at the Algerian Interior Ministry, as saying.

“Each country must draw up a general migration policy,” he noted.

According to Kacimi, Algeria is facing a new wave of illegal immigration from the countries of sub-Saharan African region.

He also warned that illegal immigrants may be influenced by extremist ideas, while hailing the role of the Algerian army in securing borders.

Thousands of illegal immigrants have so far been repatriated by Algeria.

Months ago, Ravina Shamdasani, spokeswoman for the UN Human Rights Office, called on Algeria “to stop massive expulsions of migrants, especially from sub-Saharan Africa.”

“This expulsion campaign would lead to a rise in racism and xenophobia against sub-Saharan Africans,” she warned.


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