Algeria at Africa-South Korea Forum in Addis Ababa

ALGIERS- The secretary general at the ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hassane Rabehi, has led Wednesday the Algerian delegation to the works of the fourth Africa-South Korea Forum, being held in Addis Ababa, the ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

The forum, created in 2006 in Seoul, is hosted in Africa for the first time ever, which shows “African Union’s commitment to stepping up cooperation with the rest of the world to the level of mutually beneficial partnerships,” the statement stressed.

The ministerial session opened Wednesday was preceded by senior officials meeting on Tuesday, and which finalised “the draft Declaration of Addis Ababa, and its action plan 2017-2021.”

In an address at the forum, Rabehi said “Africa, which has made the irreversible choice of sustainable development, intends to make good use of its potentialities and own resources as well as the opportunities provided by partnerships with regional groups and some countries, including the Republic of Korea.”

Rabehi stressed that the “Korean partner’s indisputable added value mainly lays in its ability to turn, in an effective and proactive manner, its cooperation with Africa towards key projects and priorities set by Africa itself, as part of its development agenda by 2063.”

Source: Algeria at Africa-South Korea Forum in Addis Ababa


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