British tourist dies after being bitten by cat on Morocco vacation

A warning has been issued by health officials after a woman contracted rabies from a cat bite while on holiday.


A British tourist has died after contracting rabies from a cat bite she received during a vacation in Morocco.

Health officials in England announced the death today and said there is “no risk” to the public, according to the BBC.

“There is no risk to the wider public in relation to this case but, as a precautionary measure, health workers and close contacts are being assessed and offered vaccination when necessary,” a Public Health England statement says.

The announcement was made in a bid to warn others of the risks from animals when travelling abroad.

“This is an important reminder of the precautions people should take when travelling to countries where rabies is present,” said Dr Mary Ramsay, the agency’s head of immunizations.

“If you are bitten, scratched or licked by an animal you must wash the wound or site of exposure with plenty of soap and water and seek medical advice without delay.”



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