Israeli spyware detected in Algerian’s phone

Among those who win the prize for espionage, Israel has become a master of security and technology


Spying between countries, even allies, is an open secret, everyone is watching everyone, it is well known. In 2013, the then head of French diplomacy, Laurent Fabius, summoned the US ambassador to Paris.

The object of the summons was to hold the Americans accountable, or more precisely to the NSA, the National Security Agency, an American intelligence service for having spied on France for several months.

Among those who win the prize for espionage, Israel has become a master of security and technology, to the point where many countries now use its software to spy on their neighbors.

Among the privileged targets of the Israeli regime, Algeria forced to launch a real hunt for Israeli spies. The Algerian secret services are currently on the war foot and are busy getting their hands on several Israeli spy networks detected on the territory.

The story, which could be likened to an espionage film, begins at the end of 2016 when drones are spotted not far from the Tunisian border. They flew over, not far from the border areas of Tebessa, Algerian sensitive sites.

After an investigation by Algerian counterintelligence agents, it turns out that these flights are the work of Israeli services who want to know a little more about the Algerian military installations.

The case takes an even more serious turn, when the Algerian services get their hands on espionage equipment as well as ultra-sophisticated means of communication on migrants coming from Liberia.

It appears that the Israeli secret service has established several spy networks in the country. One more reason for the Algerian counter-espionage services to do their utmost to protect the secrets of the modernization of their military equipment.

Recently, research has uncovered spyware of Israeli origin detected in the mobile phones of citizens of 45 countries, including Algeria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Canada and the United States. -Britain.

It was the University of Toronto that unveiled the hype. The IT security researchers grouped together in “Citizen Labs” took two years to detect the presence of this malicious software before the information was relayed by the media.

The “Pegasus” software is sold by NSO Group, a Herzliya company based in Israel. It is able to decode passwords and get all private data from a mobile phone.

According to Citizen Lab, Israeli spyware is regularly used in illegal government activities.


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