Sixty calligraphers at Arab calligraphy workshop

MEDEA (Algeria)- Sixty national and Tunisian calligraphers are to take part in the 12th edition of the National Arab Calligrapher Workshop, to be held in October 29-31, in Medea (91-km west of Algiers), on a joint initiative of an association “El-Rakim” and the provincial Culture Department.

The 12th edition is named on behalf of the famous Egyptian calligrapher, Said Ibrahim Ali (1897-1994), a reference in the styles “Thouloute,” “Neskh,” “Diwani,” “Roukaa” and “Farissi.”

Some of Ibrahim Ali’s works embellish mosques in Gizeh and Imam Al-Hussain mosque in Cairo, Egypt, in addition to a mosque in Bangalore, India.

To be held under the slogan “Calligrapic and Ornamental Bridge,” the workshop has become a major event for the art’s professionals and amateurs.

Twenty-two provinces will take part in the event, in which young calligraphers will exhibit their workshops.

Algerian famous artists will be present at the workshop, including Abdelghani Douakh, Abderrazak Kara Bernou, Ali ould Ramoul.

The event will also be attended by great Tunisian calligraphers, like Ali Mokhtar, Wafa Bouhmida,  Amel Rihani, Amer Bendjedou and Rachida Dimassi.

Source: Sixty calligraphers at Arab calligraphy workshop


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