Morocco slams Algeria remarks that it transports drugs


The Moroccan government yesterday criticised statements made by Algerian Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel who claimed that the national airline, Royal Air Maroc, transports and sells cannabis in Africa.

Moroccan government spokesman Mustapha El-Khalfi said: “The unacceptable, irresponsible and childish statements issued by the Algerian foreign minister … will not affect Morocco’s position in Africa or the world.”

During a press conference held in Rabat, El-Khalfi said that his country’s position was “firm and decisive”, adding that the statements were mere false allegations.

He pointed out that the Moroccan institutions which were attacked by the Algerian foreign minister will take the necessary steps to respond to the allegations.

On Friday, the Moroccan Foreign Ministry summoned the Chargé d’Affaires at the Algerian Embassy to denounce Messahel’s statements.

Last week, the Algerian official claimed that Moroccan banks are laundering money made through the cannabis trade and that Royal Air Maroc transports “something else” other than passengers on its flights to Africa, in reference to drugs.


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