Algeria says developing border areas key to safeguard peace, boost economy

Algerian Interior Minister Noureddine Bedoui said on Saturday that developing border areas is key factor for safeguarding peace and security in this North African nation, as armed conflicts are raging in some neighboring nations.

“The government is aware of the importance of the raising challenges of developing border and interior areas ahead of countering any security emergency,” Bedoui said in his opening address at the National Conference on Development of Border Areas which kicked off on Saturday in Algiers.

He added that Algeria is “at the heart of security and regional conflicts and considered as ‘safety valve’ for the majority of countries hit by armed conflicts,” in reference to neighboring Mali and Libya.

The minister reiterated his position on the pivotal role played by the southern regions in enhancing national economy, adding that President Abdelaziz Bouteflika paid great attention to the border development programs.

Bedoui noted that the development of border areas would pave way for the establishment of fertile economic platforms with neighboring nations.

In this regard, an open area will be created with Mauritania after the opening of a new border crossing between the two nations, he added. Such a measure provides an opportunity for private traders to export their products to African countries via Mauritania.

The National Conference on the Development of Border Areas was attended by Algerian ministers of interior, industry, agriculture, energy and tourism as well as governors of 12 main border provinces and more than 400 participants.

It aimed to draw up a road map for the development of border areas to boost national economy and thwart the expansion of organized crime and terrorism.



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