Algeria: Mohammed Dib Literary price revealed

By: D. Dahache.

Mohammed Dib Literary price of the 6th edition was revealed during a ceremony held Thursday evening at Cultural Palace Abdelkrim Dali at the province of Tlemcen, western Algeria.

This literary price, organized every two years by «La Grande Maison” association, is open to authors writing in Arabic, Tamazigh and French languages. This 6th edition was marked by a ceremony in honor of the three laureates ​​ in the presence of representatives of the ministry of culture, authorities of the province of Tlemcen, Copyrights office delegates, and a number of distinguished guests.

Among the 20 candidates who took part in the run for the price, the jury selected first a short list of 9 works, analysed them, and then awarded three laureates.

In Arabic language, the first price went to ISMAIL IBRIR, for his novel” Moul Lhira”,published by Hibr Editions, in Tamazight language the prize went to “Anza” of FAHIM MESSAOUDENE, edited by ” Risha Elsam  publisher, and the first price in French language was received by MOHAMED SADOUN for his novel, “Debacle” published by Casbah editions.

The three winners received an amount of 1 million DA each, financed by the National Copyright Office (ONDA).

The selection of these works was done by a jury composed of 22 members including writers, critics and academicians from abroad and Algerian universities.

Taking the floor during the ceremony, the president of the association of “La Grande Maison”, Mrs. Sabiha Benmansour, declared that the year 2020 will see the commemoration of the centenary of the birth of Mohamed Dib (1920-2003), one of the great Algerian novelists who denounced French colonial practices and contributed to the preservation of national memory. The creation of the literary price bearing his name is an opportunity to praise young Algerian writers in three languages ​​,Arabic, Tamazight and French , she added.


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