More than 400 foreign participants at 13th Fisahara

Under the theme of “People under occupation,” the festival will bring together a host of artists, technicians and people of the media from several countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America, General Secretary of the Saharawi Information Ministry Mustapha Mohamed Fadel told APS.

The Algerian participation will be marked by the screening of six films. Films on the glorious Algerian revolution will be also projected in several parts of camp Sahrawi refugees in Dakhla, he said.

A delegation from the Algerian Ministry of Culture made up of officials from the Algerian cinema development center and associations specializing in the audiovisual will visit the event.

For Mustapha Mohamed Fadel, this festival, which is a renewed expression of solidarity with the Saharawi people through film, aims to consolidate the political and information assets acquired throughout the 12 previous editions and attract new friends to the Saharawi just cause.

Source: More than 400 foreign participants at 13th Fisahara


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