MS Europa cruise ship docks at Port of Skikda

The cruise ship set sail from Barcelona (Spain) with 338 tourists aboard, 90% of them are Germans, while the others are from various nationalities: French, Swiss, Italian, Austrian and Japanese, Farid Boulabsal, the manager of a tour operator organizer of the trip in Algeria, told APS.

Organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, the tour is the first of its kind since 2014, he said.

Some 198 tourists, among those aboard the MS Europa cruise ship, choose to visit Skikda, while the others headed for Constantine.

The cruise ship will also dock at the Port of Oran (431-km west of Algiers) on Saturday.

Temporary visas have been granted to the tourists aboard MS Europa for their three-day stay in Algeria, explained Boulabsal.

The tourists have been impressed by Algeria’s enchanting coasts, as well as the tourist and historic sites in the eastern provinces of Skikda and Constantine

Source: MS Europa cruise ship docks at Port of Skikda


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