Morocco: Hundreds of teachers protest in demand for higher wages

Hundreds of teachers demonstrated Sunday in Rabat to demand better living conditions.

The protesters who participated in the demonstration, organised by the union of the National University of Education, raised banners demanding higher salaries for teachers and calling for holding a dialogue with the teachers’ unions, according to the Anadolu Agency.

The participants in the protest, which was launched from the historical monument of Bab El Had toward the parliament, chanted slogans demanding “to promote, rehabilitate and improve the conditions of teachers.”

Protesters also demanded better working conditions and involving teachers in sector reform programs.

Earlier, Said Amzazi, Morocco’s national education minister, asserted that his ministry was working to develop the education sector.

In April, the Moroccan government announced details about a social contract it had signed with trade unions.

The agreement provided for increases in public and private wages as well as in family compensation for some 400.000 employees.

Under the agreement, the wages increase for all public sector employees will be between 400 and 500 dirhams (about US $ 41-51).

Thus, 200 dirhams will be added to the wages as of 1 May 2019, another 200 dirhams in January 2020 and 100 dirhams in January 2021.

The agreement also included raising family allowances by 100 dirhams per child ($ 10.35), up to a third child.

The social dialogue brings together the Moroccan government, trade unions and representatives for people in business. They discuss wage and retirement issues, workers’ rights, as well as the employers’ demands.


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