Spain decides to facilitate the granting of visas for Algerians


Spain’s consul general in Algeria, Alvaro Vermoet Hidalgo, has revealed that the government of his country has instructed his diplomatic representations in Algeria to facilitate the procedures for obtaining visas. To this end, the Spanish Consulate General had in particular asked the Spanish political authorities to increase the staff for faster processing of visa applications. Request which, according to the Consul General, has been approved and executed.

Thus, thanks to these new measures, the processing of visa applications will be made according to more efficient methods, and the visas will be issued more quickly, promises the consul general in a statement to the Parisian newspaper Le Monde.

Last May, the Spanish Embassy in Algiers reacted to what it described as “misinformation” in various media outlets, announcing the closure of the doors for visa applicants at the Spanish consulates in Algeria, ensuring that the traditional visa application channel was still open through the BLS International Services web page, where applicants could submit their applications online.

In March 2018, the Spanish consulates decided to open an optional telephone appointment request route for applicants who had already received a visa issued by Spain during the last two years.

In its statement, the Spanish Embassy also promised to improve the response of the online appointment system.


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