Counterterrorism: Algeria, France share same views

“We broached the major challenges the world is currently facing, mainly the fight against terrorism and organized crime. Talks we had showed that we share the same views as counterterrorism cannot be and must not be based on the security aspect. Besides, counterterrorism cannot lead to genuine results with the unique security vision,” Louh stated in a statement to APS and the Algerian TV.

For the minister, counterterrorism “must be based on a strategy including economic and social aspects,” he affirmed following the signing of judicial cooperation agreement in criminal matters.

He stated that “terrorism and extremism feed, on most cases, on some policies that do not bring efficient economic and social solutions for the benefit of youth.”

As part of this bilateral cooperation, he added, “we have exchanged experiences in this field to meet the challenges facing us.”

As regard the judicial cooperation agreement in criminal matters, Louh recalled that following the decision taken by the Algeria-France High level Intergovernmental Committee (CIHN), held in last April in Algeria.


ps: where were the French in the 90’s ?

Source: Counterterrorism: Algeria, France share same views


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