China Donates Advanced Maritime Equipment to Tunisia Following Industry Sector Boost

Last month, Tunisian Ambassador to China Mohamed Sahbi Basly expressed optimism regarding the relationship between the two countries.


The Chinese Embassy in Tunisia reports that China has donated maritime control and surveillance equipment to the African Nation.

A donation of two mobile scanners which cost US$4.8 million was presented to Tunisian customs.

Prime Minister Youssef Chahed expressed gratitude for the gesture, saying “The surveillance system will concern the maritime and land borders, and thus immunize the national economy against contraband and parallel trade.”

The equipment is to aid in beefing up security at Tunisia’s borders, according to the statement.

“This donation reflects the high level of bilateral cooperation between Tunisia and China that extends to the customs sector,” added Minister of Foreign Affairs Khemais Jhinaoui.

Last month, Tunisian Ambassador to China Mohamed Sahbi Basly expressed optimism regarding the relationship between the two countries.

“China has become a global economic locomotive in various fields, such as space, automobile, technology, real estate and agri-food,” Basly said at the time.

“Tunisia could play a role in the relocation of Chinese manufacturing industries, because the production cost in China is more expensive than that in Tunisia,” he explained, adding that “It will also help boost our country’s economy which has gradually recovered from the unrest in 2011.”

Additionally, Tunisia’s industry sector just reported a year-to-date increase of 25.1 percent, according to the Agency for Promotion of Industry and Innovation.

Construction materials and ceramics posted an extraordinary 47.3 percent growth or US$145.1 million.

The agency, on Sunday, said that industrial investment reached US$950 million, rising from US$760 million last year.

A three percent growth in projects are expected to generate 39,796 jobs.

The Tunisian government put in place a new investment law earlier this year, which provides benefits for investors.



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