Shipments sent back to Algeria due to pesticides and cholera

Fear sparked by a recent cholera outbreak has led to a significant decline in consumer’s demand for fruits and vegetables from Algeria.

Algeria’s export market has suffered particularly badly. Despite unprecedented growth since 2017,

Algeria’s shipments of different types of vegetables and fruits were expected to reach 13 countries on four continents in September, however, in early June Russia returned shipments of potatoes and Canada and Qatar sent back loads of potatoes and dates.

At the same period, rumours coming from local and foreign media claimed that France burned some Algerian vegetables on the pretext of discovering impermissible amounts of unhealthy pesticides.

This was compounded by media reports in the West and the Maghreb regarding the cholera incident.

The crisis was deepened further by the figures reported by Algeria’s National Gendarmerie, counting the arrest of 1744 people for violating the water law and spraying crops with contaminated water.


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