Algeria: Farmers poisoned Algerians with contaminated vegetables


Algerian authorities have arrested nearly 1,744 people, including farmers, who have been involved in cases of contaminated water which had negative repercussions on the health of Algerians.

Shorouk News reported that the Algerian authorities had arrested those people for being involved in water-related offences, such as watering crops with polluted water, burying unhealthy substances that can contaminate water and digging wells to extract underground water without permission.

According to the newspaper, the investigations and raids have resulted in the arrest of 1,744 people, including dozens of farmers who watered vegetables and fruits using sewage water.

Shorouk News also pointed out that the investigations have revealed the involvement of farmers in 15 states in violating the water regulations by irrigating agricultural lands with contaminated water.

The newspaper added that the Algerian Ministry of Water Resources and Environment decided to reactivate the water police corps after the spread of cholera in several Algerian states, amid suspicions about the contamination of vegetables and fruits with unhealthy and prohibited substances.

In light of these violations, observers demanded that the Algerian government amend the laws by imposing hefty fines and prison sentences since the currently employed procedures proved to be inefficient. Such new regulations would reduce water breaches, especially the use of wastewater in irrigation.


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