The festival of the sea in safi

By Yassine Belhouari

Its been a big chance for me and my friend Amine Belahnech to show up and inspire and get inspired.

The surf as a sport has been teaching us a lot and help us connect to whole new world.

The Festival of the sea in safi is giving us a big chance to get involved and get the pictures out from that SD card to the analog print which is very impotant for the Photogarphy.

Im very happy been taking apart of the festival by showing up our waves and touristic resources for locals and for the outside world.

This what i love to do by editing pictures because im not living in morocco right now and pictures keep me stay near to my homeland.i feel like my second part is present in Safi Morocco

Our slogan in the festival is : #b7arblaplastic & reduce reuse recycle

The decoration is Amine Belahnech’s part, which without him none of this would happen. I recommend every one who visit safi to visit Amine at Safi beach in ( Wave&chill )

We are very strong together by cooperating and sharing a such message what we always doing while cleaning up our beaches from the winter trash and sharing the environmental awareness

I joined the surfing photography world and I analyse that photographers which come and surfed and shot Safi waves kept it secret or they keep it unpublished and I, as a local surfing photographer I do the opposite and share it with the world. Because secrets are not developing the city and the surfing sport.

This text has not been edited to respect the spirit of the contributor.


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