British Embassy in Tunisia: UK not involved in domestic politics


On Thursday, Jul 5, 2018, the British Embassy in Tunisia issued a communiqué in which it responded to media reports on the United Kingdom’s relationship Tunisia.

The embassy explained in the statement that the reports presented a misrepresentation of the position of the UK, placing it in opposition to the executive authority in Tunisia.

The diplomatic announcement said that the UK has not funded any media campaign either supporting the Tunisian government or against social protests; adding that the British government provides technical assistance through public sector development programs to deal with the Tunisian people in a transparent manner.

It is to be noted that The Guardian has recently reported that the British government had paid the international advertising company M&C Saatchi to run a media campaign in order to support the government of Youssef Chahed after the social unrest which took place in Tunisia in January 2018.


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