Tunisian Authorities Ban 70 Moroccans from entering its territory

Tunisian authorities prevented approximately 70 Moroccans from entering Tunisia via Algeria. The 70 passengers were stranded at Houari Boumediene International Airport in Algeria on Saturday, June 16.

Algerian television channel Ennahar TV reported that the group of Moroccan men were heading to Tunisia via Tunisian airline Tunisair to renew their residence permits in Tunisia.

The Algerian TV channel reported that Tunisian authorities informed the agency that organized the trip for the 70 Moroccans at the Algerian airport to not allow the group of Moroccans into Tunisia without giving further details.

The group of Moroccans work in Algeria and typically go to Tunisia every three months to renew their residence papers.

“We are traveling to Tunisia to renew our residence permit in Algeria, but we were surprised when the transit director told us that Moroccans are not welcome on a Tunisian plane,” a passenger told Ennahar TV.

Algerian news outlet DIA said that at least 2,000 Moroccans live and work legally in Algeria, particularly in the housing sector.

To date, Tunisian authorities have not explained why the Moroccans were prevented from entering Tunisia.


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