The Maghreb candidate for the organization of the 2030 World Cup?

Defeated by the trio United States – Canada – Mexico for the organization of the World Cup 2026, Morocco wants to return to fight for 2030 … supported by its Algerian and Tunisian neighbors.

The slap still stung his cheeks, but no question of being let down. After being beaten for the fifth time in the race to host the World Cup, Morocco immediately revealed that it would be a candidate for a sixth, for the next edition organized in 2030, since that of 2026 had just been awarded to a triple candidacy bringing together the United States, Canada and Mexico. Far from wiping it out, the magnitude of the setback did not deter King Mohammed VI’s country from continuing to dream of hosting the biggest football tournament on the planet.

Yet there was something. On Wednesday, the score in favor of the US coalition was unmistakable: 134 votes against only 65 for Morocco, some African supporters lost their way. The outcome of this election and even more the architecture of the candidacy of the winners have yet germinated another way within the continent. Rather than let the Moroccans go alone once again to the front, several voices were raised for Africa to be inspired by American success.

It would bring together in the same file Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, neighboring countries of the Maghreb, to maximize the chances of seducing FIFA. There are even fewer obstacles to this idea that the divisions that divide these three are minimal compared to those experienced by the United States, Canada and Mexico, united to win on this issue despite their diplomatic differences. . The idea was welcomed by Algerian Federation President Kheïreddine Zetchi during a media intervention and is viewed positively by many major players in the three countries.


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