China urges Algeria to solve Chinese citizen murder in timely manner

The Chinese embassy in Algeria on Wednesday strongly urged Algeria to solve the case of the murder of a Chinese citizen as soon as possible.

According to embassy’s official website, Chinese ambassador Yang Guangyu met with Algerian Foreign Ministry’s General Director Mohamed Bensabri, who is in charge of foreigners’ affair in Algeria, and submitted note on the recent murder.

Yang said the Chinese citizen was robbed and killed on Sunday by several knife-wielding criminals in broad daylight in the region of Dalbeda in Algiers.

He expressed serious concern to the Algerian side, adding that the crime is appalling and has caused a great shock and indignation among Chinese citizens in Algeria.

The ambassador pointed out that criminal activities such as robbery and theft against Chinese companies and personnel have increased significantly. The Chinese embassy has frequently received reports and complaints.

He complained that despite the timely report of Chinese enterprises and personnel being robbed, the police responses are generally slow. This has created a serious sense of insecurity among Chinese citizens in the country.

He said a series of criminal activities against Chinese companies and citizens are not only detrimental to the development of China-Algeria relations, but also harm the country’s image.

The Chinese ambassador urged Algeria to attach great importance to this case and the safety of Chinese citizens in Algeria and demanded Algerian side to take strong measures to protect them.

On his part, Bensabri expressed his condolences to the victim, assuring that Algerian police will do their utmost to expedite and solve the case.

The Chinese embassy on Tuesday issued a statement on its website, alerting Chinese citizens in the North African country to take further safety precautions following the fatal robbery of a Chinese citizen.


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