Algerian customs: lawsuits against travelers holding more than 1000 euros

Resident and non-resident travelers to Algeria must now declare to the customs services the currency in their possession as soon as the amount reaches the threshold of 1,000 euros at the entry or exit of the country. According to the Directorate General of Customs, “any breach of this measure exposes the traveler to legal proceedings.”

The instruction addressed to the customs services at the level of the ports and airports of the country by the general direction, orders to apply to the letter the measures taken by the Bank of Algeria concerning the transfer of currencies. “Any sum exceeding 35 euros the authorized sum will be confiscated and legal proceedings will also be initiated against each traveler not respecting the instructions,” say Algerian Customs.

As for non-resident travelers in Algeria, they may take the imported and unused foreign currency out of the country upon presentation of a copy of the import declaration form referred to by the Customs Office upon their arrival. on Algerian soil.

Non-resident travelers are also allowed to export from Algeria any amount covered by a foreign exchange authorization from the Bank of Algeria.


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