Algeria: two soldiers killed by craft bomb

Two Algerian soldiers were killed and four wounded on June 3 by the explosion of an artisanal bomb in the region of Bir el Ater, near the border with Tunisia, told AFP an Algerian security source.

Algerian soldiers were on patrol at dawn on June 3 near Bir el Ater, about 600 km southeast of Algiers, when a bomb exploded by killing two soldiers, according to a source under cover of ‘anonymity.

According to another security source, the soldiers patrolled between Bir el Ater and Negrine, on an axis that runs along the Tunisian border about 20 kilometers inside Algerian territory, in a quasi-desert area.

The explosion and the balance sheet have not been confirmed officially in the immediate future.

The violence attributed to armed Islamists, who have bloodied Algeria during ten years of civil war (1992-2002), have dropped considerably in the country but groups remain active and generally attack the security forces.



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