Resignations shake largest left-wing opposition bloc in Tunisia

Nine MPs belonging to the Popular Front bloc, a left-wing opposition coalition, submitted their resignation to the Office of the Parliament. This move threatens to dissolve the bloc and jeopardizes the future of the largest left-wing coalition that has remained intact for years, which coincides with the coming election.

Ever since it was established in October 2012, the Popular Front stood for the opposition’s strongest voice against successive governments, notably Ennahda movement. The leadership of the Front do not try to conceal their extreme hostility to the movement, whom they hold responsible for political assassinations.

The first signs of the conflict between the parties forming the Front started to hit the surface immediately after the announcement of the nomination of Labour Party leader Hama Hammami to run for the presidency of the Republic as a representative of the Popular Front, which was rejected by other party leaders.

On the other hand, the Democratic Patriots’ Unified Party, affiliated to the Popular Front coalition, announced the decision of its central committee to nominate MP Mongi Rahoui to run in the presidential elections.


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