Video of Canadian PM Sharing Trudeau Iftar Meal Goes Viral


Trudeau can be seen chatting happily with his caucus members, while partaking enthusiastically of a table laden with delicious, traditional iftar foods.

The breaking of the fast video has reached nearly four million views since it appeared online.

Comments on the video garnered mostly positive reaction including:

“Thank you for showing the world what a true leader of the people looks like. Are you sure you won’t consider annexing Seattle?,” Facebook user Traepischke Graves-Lalor posted in the comments section of the post.

Trudeau was swept to the office of Prime Minister in November 2015, primarily on a platform of inclusivity and his now famous “sunny ways” approach to politics and the Canadian national identity. Just weeks after the election he spearheaded a drive to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada in the span of a few short months. The number of Syrian refugees admitted to Canada since then now totals more than 40,000.

Trudeau’s famous hands-on approach was in sharp focus as he greeted refugees in person at airports, happily handing out winter clothing and embracing each Syrian he met, welcoming them to Canada.


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