Algeria: 62,000 police officers to secure final examinations


The Director of Public Security, Police Inspector Issa Nayli, revealed at a press conference on Monday that about 62,714 police officers were allocated specifically to secure the final examinations across Algeria’s schools. Among whom 31,000 were sent to primary schools, 12,000 for secondary school examinations, and 18,000 during the baccalaureate examination period.

The police units will secure 7371 special examination centres for primary school leaving examinations among 13,562 centres, 10 out of 11 omission centres, and 51 correction centres out of 60 to the same level.

As for the baccalaureate course, 18,000 police officers were assigned to secure 208 exam centres out of 2416, 14 collection centres out of 18, and 70 correction centres, according to the spokesperson.

The National Examinations and Competition Office (ONEC) in the capital and the regional bureau in Batna will also follow up the exams through the command and control centre by allocating 32 cameras to guard the subjects’ preservation rooms.

The Central Department in charge of combating crimes related to information and communication will also be activated, and there would be jamming devices at the disposal of the Ministry of National Education to avoid fraud.

In preparation for the summer season, the police inspector said that under the Blue Plan prepared by the security services each year, 4,260 police officers will be assigned to carry out the tasks of vehicular patrols and foot patrols, including 1,600 police officers in the 14 coastal states, in addition to the installation of speed control radar devices and 659 blood alcohol measurement devices.

Accordingly, the total number of border police centres will be strengthened, in addition to the adaptation of the work system with the provision of mobile centres in ports, observation centres and special centres for disabled persons.

The national security units will guard 80 beaches, which will be equipped with a specialized security configuration and with the latest technologies. In a related context, the Director of Public Security at the General Directorate of National Security stressed that the security units will be re-distributed across the country in preparation for the month of Ramadan, which will witness, as in previous years, patrols doubling, especially in places where there is a large influx of citizens, such as mosques, markets, post offices and banks. This is in addition to targeting delinquency foci as well as random selling points.

He pointed out in this regard that during Ramadan 2017, 2,956 interventions by security officers were registered and 1387 people were arrested because of illegal sale and the transfer of food products without taking into consideration cleanliness conditions.



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