France / Ben Barka case: François Hollande raises the secret of defense on 89 documents


French President François Hollande has decided to withdraw his defense of 89 documents relating to the case of the assassination in France of the Moroccan opponent Mehdi Ben Barka, Has never been found.

He was kidnapped on 29 October 1965 by two French policemen, Mehdi Ben Barka, one of the main socialist opponents of King Hassan II and leader of the Third World and Pan-Africanist movement, in Paris. The Moroccan intelligence services. Revelations and journalistic investigations have all evoked the responsibility of the French State in the assassination of this Moroccan opponent. The International Courier even reported an investigation by an Israeli newspaper involving Mossad in the case.

Solicited by the Moroccan authorities, the Israeli intelligence service had to remove the body of Mehdi Ben Barka. His body will be taken away, buried in the middle of the night in the forest of Saint-Germain, then dissolved in acid with chemicals purchased from several pharmacies, according to the survey.

The NDSC’s favorable opinion on the lifting of secrecy was published in the Official Gazette of the French Republic on 5 May. This declassification concerns 89 documents related to this case.

The notice was made possible by the seizure of the CSDN by Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian following a motion filed in favor of the declassification of documents from the archives of the External Documentation and Counter- Espionage (SDECE) at the Ministry of Defense.

These documents, which will be validated by the Minister of Defense, will be transferred to the examining magistrate, to allow the lawyers of the Ben Barka family to consult them. They include reports, briefing notes, intelligence bulletins, minutes, hearings, questionnaires, fiches, biographies, photos and letters held in the SDECE archives.

But a document remains stuck in this declassification and the CSDN refused to lift the secret-defense. According to the French media, this is a document that was in 2010 on the premises of the Directorate General of external security and whose content is unknown. In the past, several archives have been declassified but have not helped to elucidate the mystery of the assassination of Mehdi Ben Barka.

In response to this decision, Bachir Ben Barka, his son, considered this declassification of “first step”, asking the Moroccan government to do the same. But he said he was “surprised” by this “fear of truth” about blocking a document. “We are shocked by the lack of courage of politicians to put an end to this issue on both sides of the Mediterranean,” he told France 24.


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