CHINA is forcing Muslims to open their fast by drinking Alcohol.

This is East Turkestan, occupied by China. China has completely banned Ramadan and fasting. On the left, you have an old video of Uyghur Muslims waiting to break their fast during Ramadan.

This is not the end this year 2019 China is putting Muslims into prison cells for no reasons.

UYGHUR AMERICAN ACTIVIST: AYDIN ANWAR: Quoted ” Schools & factories of Uyghur are now transformed into these concentration camps. The entire nation of East Turkestan has essentially become a dungeon for its people, because China monitors their every action, even in the home. So, there are millions of Han government [Officials] who are living in Uyghur homes to make sure they’re not engaging in religion and to assess their political views. Practicing Islam is completely banned. So for me to even say something like, ‘Oh I’ll see you morning, InShaAllah,’ is prohibited because you said the word, God. Even having an Islamic name is a crime. So you have to change your name from names like Muhammad or Fatima to an ethnic Han name. Thousands of Uyghur women are also forced to marry ethnic Han Chinese men. And this is another way to get rid of the next generation of Uyghurs. So why is China cracking down on Uyghurs and Turkic Muslims Specifically?

East Turkestan is really rich in minerals and resources. so by putting people into camps and basically carrying out ethnic cleansing, China is attempting to maintain tight control over the mineral-rich land.  You might wonder why the world has been really silent about this whole issue, and it’s because of a few reasons.
1) China has tightly controlled its media,
2) even when people know about it, or even when the government knows about it, they are forced to remain silent due to Chinese pressure and their economic strategic ties to the country.


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