Arrest of Saïd Bouteflika, Tartag and Toufik: what Mostefa Bouchachi thinks

The lawyer and defender of human rights, Mostefa Bouchachi reacted yesterday, Tuesday, May 7, on the sidelines of the student demonstration in Algiers center, the various arrests including Saïd Bouteflika’s, General Tartag and Mohamed Mediène, alias Toufik.

Mostefa Bouchachi called the two generals, Tartag and Toufik “dangerous criminals”, and says they must be “strictly prosecuted by justice”. About Saïd Bouteflika, Bouchachi said : “that this adviser and brother of the president has been committing crimes against the Algerians for more than six years now”.

This lawyer said that it is a primary right to “sue these individuals”, it “would even meet the people’s demands”. However, Bouchachi said that “the authorities should not in any case occupy us with only legal proceedings and start with the preparations for the presidential elections”. Thus, the human rights defender added that it should not be forgotten that “the major demand of the popular movement is the departure of the system followed by a serene transition to democracy and the rule of law” .

Asked about the names of politicians able to lead the political transition period, Mostefa Bouchachi said he “had no problem with these personalities whose names circulate on the social networks.”


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