Morocco launches campaign against sexist proverbs

The Jossour Forum for Moroccan Women has launched a campaign to irradiate the use of popular proverbs which are offensive to women, the organisation’s President Omayma Achour revealed.

“There are many examples of popular proverbs in Morocco that reflect the inferior image of women,” Achour said during an interview with Al-Ghad TV, explaining that the forum has surveyed a number of young people and found that they find them offensive.

Achour explained that the initiative stemmed from the fact that a number of popular proverbs reinforce “the inferiority of women and destroy their capabilities” pointing out that women could serve in senior positions yet could come across, in both their professional or family environment, people who use such proverbs to hurt them.

Achour stressed that a number of women consider these proverbs a kind of “verbal violence”.

The campaign is launched in partnership with the University of Maryland and with support from the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI).


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