Tunisia fears return to pre-revolution tyranny

The emergence of remnants of the former Tunisian regime has triggered Tunisians’ fears of a return to tyranny amid the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections, which are officially scheduled for October and November 2019.

These fears were triggered when Abir Moussi – who is well-known for her hostility towards the 2011 revolution, abusing its symbols and being loyal to the former regime – formed a political party under the name “The Free Destourian Party”.

The new party was influenced by the New Constitutional Liberal Party, founded by the late Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba and the dissolved Democratic Constitutional Rally, founded by ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

Opinion polls conducted in February about those Tunisian figures capable of leading the country ranked Moussi in fourth place. The results of the poll triggered fear among Tunisians, many of whom believe that the elections will allow the return of remnants of the former regime to the country.

Tunisians are concerned that Moussi may adopt an anti-Islamist stand as her election platform and “exclude them from Tunisia”, just as the former regime did.

Moussi’s appearance on media outlets has become more noticeable recently, especially since she spared no effort to insult Islamists which has triggered the anger of many.

Some politicians believe that the revolution’s “merciful” treatment of those associated with the former regime and who supported its tyrannical approach was a mistake.


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