Algerian Student Murdered With ‘He is Gay’ Written on Wall in His Blood

Algerian Student Murdered With ‘He is Gay’ Written on Wall in His Blood

Twenty-year-old Assil Belalta was found with his throat slit at his dormitory room with “he is gay” allegedly written in his own blood on a wall.

Two men attacked Belalta in his room and then stole his car, Algerian newspaper Le Matin reported, which has been brought to attention by activists and students who were angered by the lax security on the wall, Brian Whitakker reported for Medium.

Algerian LGBT group, Alouen (“Colours”) alleged that homophobia had been stirred by local authorities and senior officials.

“Institutional and state homophobia is becoming commonplace,” it said.

Hundreds of students rallied at the faculty of Medicine Ziania in Algiers to protest against the murder.

Same sex relations are illegal in Algeria with punishments going up to two years in jail. Algiers has also voted to criminalise the “propaganda of homosexuality”, according to The Independent.

On Sunday, Human Rights Watch reported that male rape victims have been forced to undergo anal examinations to determine whether they have had same sex relations, which are illegal in the country.

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