Algeria: 2016, an “exceptional” year for cereal production


MILA- Known as the land of the cereal and dairy industry, the province of Mila is the receptacle of grains farming of ancient Cirta, like some regions which once made Algeria the granary of Rome through the abundance of its production.

In Mila, it is undeniable that 2016 was a turning point in the relaunch of the agriculture sector in Algeria, going to “a phase of excellence” which coincides with the decline in hydrocarbon revenues, following the fall in oil prices on the global market.

Having recorded a cereal production never equaled in the history of the province, amounting to 2 688 000 quintals, the 2015-2016 season shows the “strategic” importance of the agricultural sector in Mila which however, still needs support, according to local farmers.

Satisfied with the results obtained, the director of agricultural services Rabah Ferdas said that the wheat harvest reached 1,548510 quintals, against 540 639 quintals of soft wheat, 529554 quintals of barley, and 69285 quintals of oats.

This production also experienced record numbers in profitability, reaching 70 quintals/hectare of soft wheat and barley in certain regions, while the average production reached 35 quintals/hectare in the north of the province, known for its heavy rainfall, against 25 quintals/hectare in the south.

Source: 2016, an “exceptional” year for cereal production


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